I Consult from 196 Victoria in Woodstock as an Integrative Coach and Counsellor, seeing individuals and running small self-development groups. With a background in Psychology and training in Counselling, Coaching and Somatic Therapies my aim is to help you approach challenges in your life on every level and from all possible angles. Together we will explore blocks that may be holding you back while designing steps that lead to a more positive future.

Every person and situation is unique therefore I tailor our sessions to your individual needs and requirements. Some clients may simply want several Coaching sessions with a thinking partner who helps them find clarity and holds them accountable for carrying out action plans towards achieving their goals. Others may need a skilled and empathic listener in order to process deeper emotional hurts and work through pain that may be limiting their lives in some way. Many work best with both approaches in order to clear unresolved issues that may be holding them back while working towards reaching their full potential. As a Counsellor, Coach and Somatic Therapist my skills span the whole spectrum of personal growth, healing and self-development. I believe that we all hold the answers and solutions within and given the right environment we are able to heal, uncover our inner treasures, grow and flourish. It is my aim to provide this space for my clients by offering support, guidance, encouragement and unconditional positive regard.