Lisa Roese: Integrative Counsellor, Coach & Healer

With a background in Psychology and extensive training in Counselling, Coaching and various forms of body work I use a multi-modality approach to support people in achieving wellness on every level. It is my belief that the mind, body and emotions are intricately connected; when there is imbalance symptoms may only appear on one level but all others will be impacted.

I use Neuromuscular Therapy to relieve physical pain and a combination of Coaching and Counselling to help people work through difficulties and achieve goals. I also offer sessions that consist of a combination of talk therapy and body work in order to approach challenges from all possible angles. 

As a Counsellor, Coach and Somatic Therapist my skills span the whole spectrum of personal growth, healing and self-development. I believe that we hold the answers, solutions and power to heal within and given the right environment we are able uncover our inner treasures, grow and flourish. It is my aim to provide this space for my clients by offering physical, mental and emotional support.